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This, right here, is what one calls abuse.

Neal did abuse Emma, he broke her heart and sent her to jail, he is the very reason she spent time in jail and the reason why she had to give birth chained to a bed, before giving up her son.

He is the reason to all of this, and when Emma tries to warn him and tell him she did emotionally suffers from all of this, Neal tells her to get over herself, to suck it up. 

This is negation of Emma’s feelings, Neal refuses to acknowledge her pain and her feelings, more than that, he is focused on his own case, telling Emma he won‘“t do what his father did to him.

Neal wants his father to realize what he did to him and places that above everything else and tells Emma to basically shut up about her feelings, because he got it bad so she can get over herself she isn’t the only one.

This isn’t romantic people, this is Neal refusing to acknowledge the damage he has done, this is Neal shutting Emma up nby telling her it doesn’t matter. Your feelings don’t matter, what happened to you doesn’t matter.

Negating someone’s pain, someone’s feelings her voice is abuse.

This scene isn’t romantic, this scene isn’t about bonding, this scene is about abusing someone and telling Emma that, once again, she doesn’t matter.

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Voodoo Doll, 5 Seconds of Summer, Basement Version

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Haru fucking broke my heart in this episode.

From the beginning of the anime, we know Haru loves the water, he loves swimming free, he truly doesn’t care about his time or being scouted but I feel like - in this episode - it’s the first time that we truly saw that.

Haru has been lately put under a lot of pressure, what does he want to do next year ? Does he wants to go pro ? Will he accept the scouts many offers ? Will he and his friends win the relay this year ? Although he didn’t give two shits about being scouted or not, the fact that he was, the fact that many people think he has a great talent, that people are counting on him, that he’s being called the pride of Iwatobi High School, that made it all real for him, serious, it made swimming serious.

And Haru doesn’t want that, he doesn’t want the pressure, he doesn’t want to think about his immenient future, he doesn’t want to swin to for someone else, Haru only swims free, he only swims for himself and his friends. 

This is why he stopped in the middle of the race because Haru swims because he wants to, not because he has to and especially not to impress someone else. Being put in this situation, under this stress, literallymade him feel like he couldn’t swim anymore, like he wasn’t free anymore. You can even see it as he swims, at the beginning the water is clear like usual but soon and it becomes dark, dark like when Sousuke swims because now, swimming because as painful for Haru because of the stress as it is for Sousuke because of his shoulder. 

This scene was as powerful as it was heartbreaking because he Haru can’t swim freely, he won’t swim at all.